Our 100% responsible games


100% responsible games

Gaming is and should remain an adult entertainment. We protect the most vulnerable players and check their identity with precision. TLF complies with all applicable national gambling regulations.

To achieve our commitments, we draw on our own experiences and use a wide range of available technologies, innovations and tools.

Our objectives are :

To prevent gambling by minors.

Our members are asked to provide identification, which we verify with recognition software. We also check IP addresses to verify the location of our members.

To provide an environment that promotes fair play in a secure and reliable manner.

In accordance with the terms of the online gambling regulations and licenses of the various countries where TLF operates.

To protect the confidentiality of information.

In accordance with European Union standards.

Ensure prompt and accurate payment of clients.

In accordance with TLF’s commitments.

Promote ethical and responsible marketing.

By ensuring that our business practices do not unfairly target underage or vulnerable players.

Ensure maximum satisfaction.

By providing customers with every opportunity to communicate with the company to express their opinions and any complaints.