Our values



We have one main objective, which is to satisfy our members through an innovative and efficient offer and a high quality service. The popularity of TLF’s brands in its markets reflects the affinity our members have with the offers. We are constantly listening to their needs and suggestions.

By putting ourselves in their shoes, we are better able to understand our customers, support them and build their loyalty. These values of respect are a guarantee of trust with our members.

Being close to our members means being curious and listening to the world around us. This allows us to create games that are relevant to the cultures of each country.

These values are also those we cultivate with our employees. Working at TLF means being an ambassador of diversity and inclusion.

It is this state of mind that instils and sustains the values of excellence in our employees, and enables them to maintain their passion and desire to surpass themselves, in a culture of permanent change.


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